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Just Where Does the Time Go, Anyway?

I could have sworn I'd just made my last post a week or so ago. It's been a month!

This summer has been crazy busy, once summer started, that is. For us in Ontario it rolled in around late July to kick our rears most thoroughly.

Between hitting the beach as frequently as possible, birthdays, picnics, barbecues and local festivals; there isn't much time left for much else.

I'll tell you one that that's definitely put me into a strange time warp: quitting smoking. I've been smoke-free since July 1. Prior to that, I spent six weeks weening myself off cigarettes and replacing cigarettes with Nicorette. Yes, I'm still chewing Nicorette and yes, my body apparently still needs it. But I'm without all the other chemicals in the cigarettes and also not burning my lungs anymore! Do I feel better? In some ways, yes. Oddly, I've been achy since I quit smoking. I wonder if my body is just clearing out all those toxins. I don't know. Or perhaps I've overdone it abit at the beach, on the bike, etc., trying to pack all the summer activities I could into the few really nice days we were having. I've been, off and on, very distractible since I quit completely. I don't often know the time and I have to really work at concentrating sometimes. That seems to be lessening now.

So there's where some of the summer time goes, anyway.


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