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The People Have Spoken

Thank you, America!

Now, let's just get to work.


A Busy Mommy 10:52 AM  

Congrats!! I was pulling for him too! The American Election seems to have more to do with The Canadian Way of Life, then the Canadian Election.

History was made lastnight, and I hope everyone out there can appreciate what has just happened. He's not only the first African American President, but the first African American Leader in North America.

Bonny 11:49 AM  

I was so excited! It is times like last night, where I was excited to be an American. Is that totally cheesy? I don't mean to break out in song or anything. ;)

CannedAm 12:22 PM  

I don't think America has any idea how strongly this has affected the rest of the world. On the Canadian news last night, I watched victory parties and election parties taking place across Canada. The world was watching us and for the first time in many, many years we truly represented the ideals that are "America."

I feel overjoyed and humbled at the same time. Only 44 years since Jim Crow laws ended do we have a president of colour. My children now have a much different view of their futures than people of colour my own age did when we were young. I remember a young black boy being told that while it was legal for a black man to become president, it would never happen in our lifetimes. That was the 70's and we lived in the north.

This has put proof to the lip service that anyone can do anything they want if they just put their mind to it.

Overjoyed and humbled. It's a very unusual feeling.

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