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Movin' to the Beach

Soon to be our new home town. (Love the boat full of snow by the sign, don't you?)

We're moving. Thought I'd post a couple pictures of our recent packing escapades.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it's far simpler to NOT ask the resident teenager to lend a hand with anything at all than it is to actually extract a bit of work from said teenager?

This is Marissa helping to pack:
It took two of us to pull her butt out of the box. was her butt that was the problem. It's a big ol' butt and gravity was working against us. Once we got her out of the box, she disappeared. That's okay, I have a revenge in mind (keep reading).

You see, we really have our work cut out for us. This is just one stack of boxes yet to fill:

After hours of moving heavy furniture, carrying, lifting, dragging, packing everything he could, hubby took a break for a few. Soxxy immediately decided to crush his arm and pin him to the couch. Roy called me to see what was causing the tingling sensation in his arm. Really. He deserves the moniker Fatty McFatCat:

Had some things to do regarding the house and we popped down to Crystal Beach for a quick visit while we were there. Here's how Lake Erie looks today:
Sure, it looks cold in this picture, but it really doesn't come close to describing how cold it really was. We were out of the car all of five minutes before we just could not take it any longer! I'd say there's a 20 degree drop in temp right on the water, and there was a -18c windchill off the water. Just chilled us to the bone in short order and the bitingly cold wind took our breath away!

How windy was it, you ask?
Does that answer your question?

Now, the thing with having very textured hair is that hair really holds whatever style you put to it and very well. Let's see what this blow job did for Miss Marissa once she got out of the wind....


I probably won't post again till we're all settled into our new digs ... so check back in about a month. Right now, I need to go change my daughter's facebook profile picture.... (yes, I am that evil.)


Connie Walsh 10:17 AM  

Crystal in the amusement park? that still there??? Great fun...just googled the amusement park, it closed in '89...pooh.

CannedAm 3:25 PM  

All gone. Now there's a small parking lot (where we were yesterday) and a whole lot of condo's where it once stood. (ick) Seem to all be summer residences/rentals though as it didn't look like any were occupied. Couldn't imagine living right on the water there this time of year. It was soooooooo cold!

Christy Dawn Yoga 12:46 PM  

Here's hoping you have a smooth easy move! Come back soon!!!

Gill - That British Woman 8:01 PM  

How are you enjoying your new home?


K 11:36 PM  

Your daughter has awesome hair!
I have flat, boring white-girl hair that is neither straight nor curly. It lives in a pony hair 80% of the time. sigh.

Freakygirl! from FS

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