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No Shopping for Three Months

When a fellow frugalite mentioned doing this last fall at frugal shopper's forums, I jumped right on the bandwagon. The 3-months shopping embargo was inspired by this story of a group of women who banned shopping for an entire year. Another blogger has established a 2-month shopping embargo and that has spawned a facebook event group, which I joined, of course!

What it entails
No unnecessary new purchases will be made by anyone in my household for the next 3 months. So we're still buying groceries (using lists and menus) and necessities. That's it. No scooping up the 85% off Christmas clearance stuff. No grabbing this that or the other just because it's there and a good deal. Just what we need. Nothing else that's new. We can, however, purchase used. Which, when you have growing children, clothing purchases are often necessary as they sprout overnight! There is a wonderful consignment shop down the road from me from which I purchase the majority of my boys' clothes. (I also sell a lot to the store, myself!)

My goal: just to not spend outside of necessities. It's not that my spending is out of control, it's that I just want to scale back. I'm trying to clear my home of the excesses as it is. How many times have a bought an item because it was a bargain only to find it unused months later? Too many.

I'll report my progress here and the results of my own 3-month-long shopping embargo.

Anyone else doing this?


Angry In Oman 8:17 AM  

Maybe I should do this! I'm becomming a bit of a shopaholic lately and it needs to stop. Well ok, it was Christmas last month, is that an excuse?!

Gill - That British Woman 6:20 PM  

I'm not doing it, but am trying to cut down on my spending. However this week hasn't been the best week for cutting cost. First spending lots on material, and then today spending a pile on a dress.......but it's for an important event, and I will be using it for more than one occasion (see tomorrow's post).

Good luck with your 3 months.


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