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Weird and Wacky Christmas Trees

Hey, if you put it out there, I will point and laugh at it.

Again from the Worldwide Christmas Tree Contest

Here we have the I'm-not-even-trying not-a-tree:

RUN! It's taking over the house!
Augh! My eyes!
Maybe she didn't see us and we can just sneak away...
I don't think there's a tree under there. It's just a conical pile of gay:
Kind of undecided on this one. You've got your reduced environmental impact on the one hand, and then you've got crap for decorating skills in the other...
No. Seriously?
Santa was hanged by the tree with a ... hey! wait a minute, that's not the way the story goes!

Nothing says Christmas like silver butterflies and purple trilobites.

points for recycling ... but they lady elf is freaking me out
It's an elfen peacock tree!
And from other places on the web...

Way to make your mothers proud, boys...

The guys who emptied those kegs probably had something to do with this:

Someone's blond dreadlocks recycled:

For all the winos out there:

More to come, soon...


Gill - That British Woman 6:41 AM  

reading your comments is as much fun as looking at the photos....LOL


Rami 2:57 AM  

Nice to read your article! I am looking forward to sharing your adventures and experiences.
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quicky 7:02 AM  

Great collection of wired and wacky christmas trees. I like "RUN! It's taking over the house!" version :)> Thanks for sharing.

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