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Heartland Forest, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Less than two years ago we visited the fairly new Heartland Forest in Niagara Falls. Compare the pictures from that blog posting to this one as the changes are incredible!

*For a larger, more detailed view of any of the pictures, simply double click on the picture.  

When we first visited, we were greeted at the forest entry by this partial carving:  

Big Ted is now complete, with a cute message next to him:

More carvings can be found throughout the more than two miles of Carolinian Forest trails:

 A pond just inside the forest entry has an accessible lookout from which one can observe pond life:
So many photo ops, too: 
and opportunities for a peaceful rest surrounded by beauty:

During this visit, the accessible cabin was open for learning opportunities and activities for FrogFest Niagara.  The boys made FrogFest badges while I took pictures outside the cabin:
We were thrilled by the fauna throughout the forest.  Obviously many people have been very busy naturalizing some native species, such as Ontario's flower, the white Trillium:

We also saw a magnificent magenta trillium (it's actually red trillium, trillium erectum, the only red-petaled trillium native to Ontario):

And an excellent example of poison ivy vine:
(don't worry, it is labeled and slightly off the trail so you won't be stumbling into it)

wild geranium was in bloom and quite abundant:

At this time of year, the numerous vernal pools throughout this forest are still full and quite active:

There are just so many treasures along the trails.  The kids enjoyed sitting inside this teepee:

There were also many new-to-us additions before the trail begins. Much to the boys' delight, an incredible playground contains structures to delight the very small as well as the much larger child. Like this enormous merry-go-round:

and this incredible swing:
 and of course a huge frog swing to share:

Near the forest entrance is a pond surrounded by a boardwalk.  Bird feeders are found in many places.  Perhaps it's just my imagination, but I think the red-winged black birds' colour is particularly vibrant this year:

What a wonderful, amazing place! If you're local to the area, or just visiting, check it out. There are many activities planned throughout the year, but they aren't needed to enjoy this natural treasure.  This is a great place to go with your family.  Go, enjoy, be awed!

*The photograph in the blog header was taken within the Heartland Forest.


Mom vs. the boys 11:42 AM  

looks like a great day, maybe we will get there someday, it looks like a great little adventure spot for my boys. I love the Niagra region.
(I have 2 canada only giveaways up on my blog if you are interested, if not, pretend you didn't this!)

Gill - That British Woman 9:30 AM  

what a great day out and so close to home. I love all the wood carvings.


Gill - That British Woman 9:31 AM  

by the way I didn't realise the trillium came in magenta as well as the white.


Elisabeth Graham 11:33 AM  

Hi there, I'm new to blogging and can't seem to find your name anywhere! Just loved your comments on Heartland Forest. I'm new to Niagara and am writing a few grants for Heartland - long story - and would love to quote you. My email address is - thanks! Elisabeth Graham

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