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Dispelling more Barack Obama Lies, Innuendo, Conjecture, Rumour and Distortions

Lie #1: Obama wants to kill babies. John McCain made that statement in the final presidential debate. McCain knew the statement was an extreme perversion of the truth. McCain knew he was doing more than distorting facts. McCain knew the facts behind Obama's vote in Illinois against a bill requiring doctors to make life-saving efforts for an infant that was the subject of a late-term abortion. There are two reasons Obama (along with nearly all the others voting on that particular bill) voted against it: 1) there is already a law on the books regarding this instance, not to mention doctor's Hippocratic oaths demand that they do exactly that regardless what the laws say and 2) the bill, as it were written, made no provisions regarding saving a mother's life and essentially outlawed late term abortion in any case whatsoever, including a case where it would save the mother's life. For detailed information on Barack Obama's stance on abortion read these excerpts from his own speeches and interviews.

Lie #2: Obama wants to subjugate all women in the style of radical Islam. Obama is not Muslim. This lie is just another spin on the proposition that Obama is Muslim. First, there's nothing wrong with being Muslim. Second, Obama is not a Muslim. There is no evidence whatsoever to support that claim. There is a wealth of evidence to support Obama's Christianity. If Obama wanted to subjugate women, why on earth would he fight so tenaciously to preserve her right to choose?

Lie #3: A vote for Obama means death to Israel. This is from Joe the Plumber. Apparently, Joe the Plumber is nervous about having higher taxes should he hit the magical $250,000 income bracket. So he's been making campaign stops with John McCain and talking to the people. This is one of his assertions. Joe the Plumber is now an expert on international affairs. Everything Obama has asserted regarding Israel and Iran sum up to he knows exactly what the score is. He knows fully well that Iran is Israel's biggest threat. He has stated repeatedly that the Iran's threat to Israel is very real and his goal is to END THAT THREAT. No splitting hairs on that one. The source for the lie: John McCain himself. He distorted several speeches given by Barack Obama by cutting out copious amounts of text so that the end result didn't even come close to resembling Obama's original statements. Do we want someone so utterly deceptive and duplicitous in office as John McCain has proved he is again and again with his dirty campaign tactics? I sure as hell don't. We've had enough of the lies and cheating with W.
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