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Polls aren't looking too good for McCain

There are about a million polls out there. I don't consider them an accurate predictor of the election, but I'm enjoying the diversion a bit.

Here are a few:

Electoral Projections Done Right by Five Thirty Eight

The notoriously ultra conservative Fox has lots of anti-Obama rhetoric, but even their polls show Obama's favour.

USA Election Polls are reporting some momentum for McCain, but not enough to pull off a win.

Even Florida has pegged Obama in the lead.

Real Clear Politics shows 10 nationally recognized polls, all of them showing Obama in the lead.

And, if the world could vote in the 2008 US Presidential election, this poll shows the results.

By all means, people, this does NOT indicate Obama's got the Presidency all but tied up. YOU STILL MUST GO VOTE. Don't forget. If you need to file for an absentee ballot you have until the day AFTER the election to get your papers in to your local election office.


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