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If Obama Ran his Campaign like McCain

We would be hearing things like:

Prepared to lead when he can't even take care of his Senatorial commitments?

  • McCain holds the record as the most absent senate member having missed 64% of his votes. At one point he missed five straight weeks! I can understand his absence during the campaign, but even prior to it he was among the most absent Senators. Ah well, he doesn't need to work! His wife is loaded! Why bother to show up?
McCain supports torture
  • in 2006, McCain voted AGAINST an amendment before the Senate that would establish one interrogation standard across all government, military and CIA, and would ban waterboarding.
McCain supports teen pregnancy
  • By repeatedly voting against amendments that would expand sex education and contraceptive education for teenagers with the intention to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
  • Strongly opposes public funding for birth control
  • Strongly supporting abstinence-only sex education for teens (because it works so well!)
McCain says he believes in the sanctity of life ... except when he wants to see people killed
  • Strongly supports the death penalty
  • Supports broadening the use of the death penalty
McCain: more of the same -- yet another underachiever floating through life on the benefits of nepotism
  • Like the current administration lead, McCain graduated at the bottom of his class. 394 out of 399.
McCain: more of the same -- uses his family's pull (or his wife's money) to get what he wants
  • Despite his extremely low standings at the Naval Academy, he was pushed ahead of more qualified candidates and trained as a Navy pilot where he promptly destroyed five navy planes
McCain: an honorable man who leaves his crippled wife for a newer, younger, richer one?
  • While McCain was a POW in Vietnam, his first wife, Carol, was horribly injured in a car accident. When McCain returned his former swimsuit model wife did not look anything like the woman he'd last seen. He stayed with her another six years using his pull as a Navy Pilot to fly off to carouse and have extra-marital affairs. Then he divorced the now misshapen and broken Carol and married Cindy one month after the divorce. Cindy is the heir to an Arizona brewing fortune and young enough to be John's daughter at eighteen years his junior. (I'm trying to see the honor in this. Trying. Squinting real hard. Coming up with bupkus.)

Ahh, but thankfully, that's not the kind of campaign Obama's run.


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