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What's Wrong With Men?

I have to wonder this now and again. Despite the fact that I'm married to the greatest guy on earth, he still sometimes makes me wonder....what the hell?*

Tonight we're tag-teaming dinner prep. We're having apple puff pancake and breakfast sausages. Hubby's making the apple puff pancake. It's a Betty Crocker recipe. Of course, the Betty Crocker cookbook is MIA. Hubby goes to the computer and goes to the Betty Crocker site. It's no longer there. I tell him, "I blogged it. Just go to my blog & pull it up." He's got a bookmark toolbar link to my blog. All he needs to do is click it. Does he? No. He has to enter another recipe site and search for it. Now...there are lots of recipes out there for the apple puff pancake. Some of them require so many eggs they taste more like souffles than pancakes. So I roll over to his desk, steal his mouse from his control and click on my blog's link. Pull up the recipe and there it is. He gives me a look. You know....a look like, I woulda got there eventually, you just didn't give me a chance.

So tell me, why is it that when it comes to directions men always have to drive the longest route, pass 14 gas stations without stopping for assistance until finally and at long last he must stop because the car's damned near out of gas so that the wife can go inside and say "how the hell do we get to....?" Why?


The pancake was good. Even if the journey was a bit odd.

*I'm sure I never illicit this response in him. hahahahahaha


Angry In Oman 7:03 AM  

What's not wrong with men!?


Glad it all worked out.

Kim 7:14 AM  

That recipe looks yummy!!! I think I'm going to try it out tomorrow.

Anonymous,  2:32 PM  

mmm. apple puff pancakes. Anyway, sounds like something my wife would write about me. I would be the type that starts looking at other recipes. Does your husband every accuse you of being controlling? Is he otherwise an independent person, that believes he can help himself? Perhaps he is exerting his independence and showing you that you don't need to be so prescriptive. My wife likes to ask me to clean the kitchen for example. That is fine. But when she starts to describe,in detail, how I should do it, when I've done it well a thousand times before, then I will stray from her directions. Afterall, there is no need for one able adult to direct another of equal authority. Anyway, I may be projecting my own perspective on your situation, but it at least some insight from one man. Besides, if that is a problem. You two are doing REALLY well.

CannedAm 12:35 AM  

You're absolutely reason at all :) He'd never say I was controlling, anyway. Usually if I offer up unnecessary instructions, he just smiles maybe says, "Okay" then does just what he wants anyway. He's usually the right one when it comes to instructions. That particular day he was probably tired and not exactly firing on all he had to go through whatever steps his brain dug up to get to the same point that I was suggesting he get to. See, we're partial to the Betty Crocker recipe. There are lots of variations on the apple puff pancake but it's the only one that's more pancake-y than souffle-y.

That is pretty much our worst trouble. All of them rank right there on the same level. It's a good life :) I wouldn't trade it or him for all the world.

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